Plugins in the Dallas GiveCamp Distro of WordPress

Below is a list of the plugins that we have included in the Dallas GiveCamp Distro of WordPress. Some of them are licensed and property of Dallas GiveCamp. You might not need all/any of them. Use what you need, and at the end of the weekend delete the ones you did not use.

Plugin Comments
akismet Spam protection for posts
wp-mail-smtp Used to send email from WordPress
bloom Used to add visitors to your site to your email distro
monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin
divi-booster Divi Booster adds 100s of new configuration options to Divi

Used Plugin List

In 2017 we did a survey of past Dallas GiveCamp websites, below is a list of the plugins used on most of the GiveCamp sites in the past. The goal of this list is to share what was done, however we are not suggesting you install all these plugins. This is just a good starting point to for your evaluation of what plugins might best fit your charities needs.

I also recommend taking a look at the many plugin reviews on the Elegant Themes blog

Plugin Comments Count
akismet Spam protection for posts, in GiveCamp Distro 14
postman-smtp Used to send email from WordPress, in GiveCamp Distro 12
bloom Used to add visitors to your site to your email distro, in GiveCamp Distro. 10
monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin, in GiveCamp Distro. 8
wordpress-seo Optimize your site for Search Engines. NOTE: Divi has some of these functions as part of the "Theme Options", so depending on your requirements you might not need the additional plugin. 6
divi-booster See Above. 5
elegant-themes-updater We were using this to keep Divi updated. This is no longer needed as the Divi Theme does this nativly now. 4
contact-form-7 Create a Contact Us Form. Divi has native capabilites to do this (more info), however the plugin has more features. 3
custom-facebook-feed Display a completely customizable, responsive and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook feed on your website. 3
give Give provides you with a powerful donation platform optimized for online giving. NOTE: You could just use the button code from PayPal (more info) 3
googleanalytics Add a Google Analytics Tracking code to your site. This can be done nativly in the Divi Theme Options. 3
participants-database fully configurable database for holding any kind of information about people (or anything, really!) 3
updraftplus Wordpress backup plugin. 3
all-in-one-event-calendar Event Managment for wordpress, with events stored in the WordPress Database. 2
amr-ical-events-list Event Managment for wordpress, with events stored in the WordPress Database. 2
eventbrite-api Event Management for Eventbrite, look at the native Eventbrite widgets insted (more info) 2
ninja-forms Add forms to collect info from users. Might want to also look at Microsoft Forms or Google Forms 2
p3-profiler Plugin Performance Profiler 2
seamless-donations your Web site can accept donations via your PayPal account. NOTE: You could just use the button code from PayPal (more info) 2
woocommerce Online Store in WordPress 2
accesspress-twitter-feed 1
Divi Plugins Suite of plugins that extend Divi. Custom Post Types & Portfolio Layout for posts 1
all-in-one-seo-pack 1
always-edit-in-html 1
amazing-hover-effects-pro 1
amr-shortcode-any-widget 1
anti-spam 1
appointments 1
artbees-capcha 1
author-bio-box 1
backup 1
backupwordpress 1
backwpup 1
better-delete-revision 1
bluefire-payment-gateway-woocommerce 1
bulletproof-security 1
bwp-minify 1
cms-tree-page-view 1
constant-contact-api 1
contact-us-form 1
custom-recent-posts-widget 1
disqus-comment-system 1
divi_extended_column_layouts 1
divi-builder 1
duplicate-post 1
easy-digital-downloads 1
easy-google-fonts 1
easy-instragram-feed 1
easy-table 1
easy-twitter-feed-widget 1
event-organiser 1
event-organizer 1
facebook-events 1
flexible-quote-rotator-plus 1
gravityforms 1
gravityformsmailchimp 1
gravityformspaypal 1
imsanity 1
instagram-feed 1
js_composer 1
js_composer_theme 1
keyring 1
lightweight-social-icons 1
logo-showcase 1
mailchimp-for-wp 1
megamenu 1
my-custom-functions 1
page-or-post-clone 1
paypal-donations 1
paypal-pricer 1
photo-gallery 1
quotes-collection 1
really-simple-captcha 1
regenerate-thumbnails 1
responsive-lightbox 1
revslider 1
salesforce-wordpress-to-lead 1
sd-donations 1
sd-theme-functions-helping-hands 1
search-and-replace 1
simple-sitemap 1
slickr-flickr 1
slider-image 1
smart-slider-3 1
smk-sidebar-generator 1
social-media-feather 1
the-events-calendar 1
the-events-calendar-eventbrite-tickets 1
transposh-translation-filter-for-wordpress 1
typeform 1
tz-plus-gallery 1
Ultimate_VC_Addons 1
ultimate-social-media-icons 1
velvet-blues-update-urls 1
w3-total-cache 1
wd-google-analytics 1
wd-twitter-feed 1
woocommerce-email-test 1
woocommerce-gateway-paypal-express-checkout 1
woocommerce-gateway-paypal-powered-by-braintree 1
wordpress-popup 1
worker 1
wp-analytify 1
wpgform 1
wp-imgur 1
wp-mailchimp-subscription 1
wp-mail-smtp 1
wp-responsive-thumbnail-slider 1
youtube-embed-plus 1
better-search-replace ?