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Because of our hyper-accelerated work lives, we miss opportunities to learn from each other. Some of us work from home, some are the only creative in a room full of engineers, and others are so busy, we can’t take time to look around. That’s why Big Design is here.

Many times, we are trying to solve the same problems but from different angles. Big Design can help you think bigger and learn from people who may not belong to your specific industry. You also have your own solutions and you know you can help others.

Big Design is a way of thinking, not just an event. It’s looking at bigger pictures and sharing them so we all grow. Experience, wisdom, and creativity solve problems. All of that is on full display at Big Design.The best part about Big Design is the low cost. For a third of the admission to most other conferences, Big Design delivers a powerful return. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!